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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Beautiful Maternity Shoot

Since Jellybean was going to be out last little Cooper I decided that I really wanted to do all the stuff that we didn't get to do when I was pregnant with Boogie.  Right after Thanksgiving we went and got a 3D ultrasound which was really a great expereince.  About that time I also found a great photographer online here in the Altanta area to do a Maternity shoot as well. 

When you are 36/37 weeks pregant you feel less then beautiful sometimes, but it is a great time of your life, so I wanted some professional pictures to remember this moment.  I am very picky as I take a lot of photos myself and really wanted to find someone that would be able to see what I liked about photography, a natural beauty of stolen moments, and Amy did just that. 

Amy Hoga did a fantastic job with out Maternity shoot and in only 30 minutes,not that she was rushing us.  We had to reshcedule a couple of times due to weather, and when we finally did get together the weather was still less then perfect, but what can you expect for January.  It was cold, and threatening to rain and the wind was brutal, but the photos that she caputered for us in that brief time are simply beauitful.

This is one of our favorites, they are really all our favorites but I just love Boogie's expression in this one, so protective.

Notice that Boogie has her big sister shirt on.  She really is one proud big sister.

See that wind I was talking about, but I love the movement in this picture.

I think this is one of best pictures ever taken of me.  I guess when your pregnant you do glow from time to time.

I again just love the protectiveness of Boogie in this picture.  She is the best big sister.

Um see where the eyes come this shot of my two loves.

Just a good family picture here, love the smiles on everyone.

Just proof that you don't have to be looking at the camera to get a good shot.

Wow do I love those beautiful blue eyes.  Still waiting to see if Jellybean gets them too.

Like I said Amy of Amy Hoga Photography did a fabulous job with these photos.  Not only did she do this shoot but came out right after Addison was born and worked for almost 3 hours on Newborn pictures as well.  We haven't seen those just yet, but I can not wait.  Taking these into consideration I am sure that they will be amazing as well.  If your interested in some great photos look her up.  She is on Facebook and has a blog as well.  She is located in the Atlanta area but will travel, and I would highly recommend her. 

Can not wait to be able to show you the shots of our Jellybean when we get them back.  I'll post as soon as I have them.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Addison has arrived!!

Addison Grace decided to join us last Wednesday evening.  She came into the world pretty quickly once we started the whole pushing part of labor.  Contractions started about 4:15am so I timed them and got up when the alarm went off to get ready for work.  By 6am the contractions were 5 minutes apart and Jon was having to decide wither or not to go into work.  See Jon works about 300 feet under ground and I can't reach him by phone and it would take about 2 hours for him to get above ground and to the house and/or hospital, so he decided that he would stay home and see what happened.  He ran out and got us some breakfast, Boogie finally woke up at 8:15 and we left the house for Ms. M's house about 9am or so.  Contractions were fairly strong but my first labor took a while so I wasn't in a rush to get to the hospital.  Dropped off Boogie with her bag and got to Labor and Delivery by about 10am.  Checked in and got into a room where they told me that I was only 2cm dialated and 50% effaced.  Gggrrrr I was so emabarrased, they don't even like to induce with that little dialation.  Still I was in a gown so they let me hang out to see what would happen.  Checked about 1:30 and I was 3 to 4 cm so the doc agreed to break my water and start Pitocin.  We were having a baby for sure.  Yay!

Okay people so with Boogie by the time they started the Pitocin I already had my epidural, this time I thought I would wait it out as long as I could.  Pain that is what a Pitocin contraction feels like, pain lots and lots of pain.  Like you are being ripped apart and after about 2 hours of this I needed the epidural.  I love epidurals, they are awesome, they make everything better, the world is a beautiful place and those contractions can go to Hades!  One the lovely epidural was in I took a nap.  The nurse came back in to check on me at 6pm to see how I had progressed and Addison was right there, she said she could feel hair, Good Lord, nothing like checking at the last minute.  The doctor came in and said Ohhhhh its show time.  She got ready, and I pushed out 7lb 12ounce Addison Grace in 5 pushes.  Yay!!  So much easier then her big sister who took 2 hours to join us. 

She is so beautiful, she has a head full of dark hair and we think maybe blue eyes, but we'll see.  She is quite a sleeper at the moment but is not giving us to much sleep at night as to be expected.  She had her one week check up today, and other then looking like a banana baby becuase of juandice she is doing great.  Lost a bit more weight but not to much.  We are in love with our newest addition, and Boogie loves her little sissy.  I just can't wait to see what the future holds in store for both of my girls.  They are the loves of my life, along with my husband and they all make my life so wonderful.  It's an adventure every day and I thank the lord for them all.

Now here are a few pictures of the newest Booger butt.  Enjoy!!

Just a few minutes old..

I am in love with my new little daughter.  Maybe just a bit tired though.

This is one proud daddy right here.

Looks like I am not the only one that is a little tired.

Time to go home from the hospital..all bundled up becuase

This is what it looked like in georgia later that day..4 inches of snow!

Proud daddy with both of his little beauties.

Pretty little face, and possibly a little quizzical. :D

5 days old and just hanging out with Auntie S.   This picture really reminds me a lot of Charlotte when she was this age they look very similar.

I promise there will be more pictures to come..hope you enjoyed this preview of baby Addison...our little Jellybean.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

While we wait.....

Since Addison is taking her time joining us, I thought that I would finally post about the second great baby shower that we had for her.  My cousins J & J threw us a fabulous shower on January 2nd.  The theme was butterflies and it was beautiful.  The food was amazing, and J&J made it all.  I could not get away from the awesome mango strawberry dip with pita chips or the fabulous chicken salad croissants, probablly ate to much but you know you have to do justice to the chefs right.  You don't want them to think that the food wasn't good,so you know you just have to keep eating it. Mmmmmmmm...... check out the gorgeous spread.

This is the beautiful and yummy cake that we had.  I swear it tasted like pancakes.  I was so yummy.

This was the candy bar, it was great.  Boogie would not stay away from it.

These were the above mentioned chicken salad croissants, they were so good I can not even do them justice.  The strawberry mango salsa is behind them and it was great too.

I forgot about the great egg, bacon thingies, they were great too, everything was great.  There was also fruit, but well I was drawn to the cheese and chicken stuff.  Ah the joys of being pregnant.

We played some great games too, mostly becuase I got to take pictures while everyone else played them.  Please find the blackmail photos below.

My mom is cheating.  Very nice example to set for Boogie there Mimi!!  C my brother's MIL has no idea what to think about cheating at baby shower games.

Granny is getting the stink eye from other participants becuase she is a natural at this game.

Boogie has a bit of an edge on the competition since she has used these more recently then the other participants.

We recieved lots of great gifts as well. There was one little thing in particular that I tried to take home with me for my hubby, but well I couldn't get him in the car fast enough.

Look at that cutie cute face.  Don't you just want to scoop him up and snuggle.  Don't worry  I didn't puppy nap him, he is still happy at his home in sunny Florida.

In all honesty we did get a lot of really nice things to welcom baby Addison.  Boogie even got a couple of gifts, including a great knit sweater and a hat.  Have a look at all the swag that baby Addison received.

Mimi had a big bag put together for Baby Addison

Cousin J & J not only threw a great party but they also showed off thier great fashion sense with these super cute outfits.

Aunt E & Uncle J put together the cutest box full of great stuff. Including the princess towel that Boogie has broken in for baby Addison.

Look at the top of the box isn't it cute.  They did such a great job, and it holds a lot of stuff.

Boogie and Addison both got knit sweaters and hats from Gigi they are so cute. 

Boogie absolutely loved her little hat that her Gigi knitted for her.

Gigi also made Addison a ducky quilt and matching pillow.  She is going to love it.

I also got these great knit washclothes, can't wait to use them with Addison.

Even got to see my cutie pie nephew...

Oh and my brother.. he's not bad either. :D

So they day was fantastic, we received lots of great stuff for baby Addison, but more then that we were loved by all our family and friends and that means more then anything.  Thank you guys for everything, we had a great day.

Monday, February 8, 2010


Oh we are getting down to the wire here and I am tired.  Yep the wire is getting down and I am ready to meet my lovely Addison.  Any day now would be just fine with me, any day now.  Tonight would be fabulous, I mean why hang around in that cramped space if you don't have to.  No need to wait for Monday the 15th, when Monday the 8th is such a nice date too. 

I mean you could be here with us for Valentine's Day and spend lots of time with your Mimi and Papa from Florida.  Wish your Nah Nah a happy birthday. Ring in the Chinese New Year.  Snuggle with Daddy and and Boogie and watch the Daytona 500. Dosen't that sound like a good plan.  Oh and your mommy could get some quality sleep.  I know that you'll need to eat frequently and I am geared up for that task, but inbetween I could get some blistful sleep.  Oh sleep how I love you.

So precious baby Addison, we would love to meet you.  No need to wait for your eviction notice on the 15th, come on out and meet us now.  We're ready, well almost...still have to pack those pesky bags.  Maybe I should do that tonight?  We're waiting and ready when you are...maybe tonight???

Monday, February 1, 2010


Jon loves cars ALOT.

I can really see the artistic merit in the restorations of these gorgeous old cars, not to mention the power that they left the assembly line with. I grew up with a father and grandfather that rebuild old cars and made them run like new and look gorgeous. So while I might resist a little just for show, I actually really love these car shows as much as Jon does.  It appears that Boogie may be following in our footsteps,she loves to go and look at these amazing works of art.

This was one of Jon's favorites of the night, the color was really gorgeous, the picture doesn't do it justice.

Boogie was excited becuase she got to sit in a rail dragster and play with the steering wheel.  She tried to strap herself in, that's when we got nervous.

Then she saw this one and immediately exclaimed "Look Daddy this one is just my size."  Uh huh just her size with a giant engine.  I don't think so at 3 years old.

This however was the car that really caught Boogie's eye.  She turned to Jon and said "Daddy you can build this for me."  Jon laughed and said uh no, I am not building you a Corvette.  Boogie got quiet and walked away.  We got to the next car and I noticed that she was really quiet and kinda pouty,so I aksed her what was wrong.  She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and said with a trembling lip,"Daddy just crushed all my dreams."  It was the saddest thing that you have ever seen, but she cheered up when we found the pink cadillac. :D

I said that I would never drive a station wagon, but this is the one exception.  This is a Chevy Nomad, and I would drive the wheels off of one of these.  They were stylish, roomy and fast, fast, fast.  We found one once in Conyers in a repo yard for $3,000 and just couldn't afford it at the time, the hardest thing to walk away from, but one day we'll find another one.  One day....

This is a great collection of Rat Rods..these really are very interesting, they are made to look rusty beat up and driven hard, but the way that they are put together with bits and pieces, makes they very interesting.  People find interesting parts and transform them into parts that work as other pieces, they are really intersting engineering oddities.

A very unique tow truck.

This is what we call a delivery truck here in the South.  Nothing like a little White Lightening.

This paint job was amazing, I am sorry to say I don't know the name of the artist, but this was done with scenes from Atlanta. Famous people, places, teams, and of course the Varsity and Krispy Kreme. Mmmmmm Krispy Kreme, sorry I lost it there for a minute.

Just one more look at the car.  All sides had differnt scenes, it really was a great piece for the show.

Here are just a few more of the great cars that we saw that night.

This one had a optional steering wheel.  Right Shweth?  LOL

Another great example of the drag car.

This car was amazing...I just have no words to explain the level of detail, it was fabulous.

This was my favorite find of the night...there is nothing like a dad passing on his love of cars.  Especially if its to his daughter.  A trait that seems to run in my family.  Just remember honey she wants a 1982 Covette  with Lambo doors painted purple, white and's her dream.