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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A few Photos of our Anniversary.

As promised here are a few shots from our anniversary. We had a blast!!

This is our rafting trip down the Ocoee. If you ever think about doing it I highly recommend it.

See we had plenty of time to smile and enjoy the river. Only fell out twice!

See smiles all around, of course this was right before the guide dumped us into the river, but hey that was an adventure too. :D

When we went back on Sunday to the Whitewater Center where the Olympic Whitewater course that we went through the day before there was no water. See...

Really nothing just a little trickle and a lot of rocks. I accused Jon of going to the wrong spot, but then they turned the water on literally and this is what we got. Now that was more like what I remember.

Monday, June 22, 2009

10 Year Anniversary

Well this past Saturday was Jon and I's 10 year wedding anniversary. We've actually been together for 14 years if you can believe that. :D So we dropped Boogie off with her fabulous grandparents for a weekend of spoiling and headed to the North GA moutains where we had a cute little cabin reserved. First Jon wanted to do a bit of Off-Roading, I have never done this before but figured what the heck. It was so much fun up steep hills down steep hills, over lots of bumps, enjoying the beautiful forest on the back of a 4-wheeler. It was great until.....we took a trail that was no marked most difficult but turned out to be most difficult once we got to the bottom. For those who might contemplate going Off-Roading at Beasley's Knob outside of Blairsville GA, let me just warn you away from trail 93B as it is marked at the bottom and 93H as it is maked at the top. Not the funnest time of my life. Very very steep slope we went down from the top, and about halfway through, the sliding rock verticle decent, on a 4-wheeler, there is a boulder, a big one that you have to go down on a 4 wheeler. I climbed down mind you cause I really didn't want to flip on the 4-wheeler. Jon went down okay at first...that is important right first. Then the four wheeler started to roll and Jon bailed thank god and the 4-wheeler proceeded to roll 4 times down the mountain. OH FABULOUS! I was done, just wanted out of the woods, 4 1/2 hours of trail riding followed by ATV flipping was enough for me. So we finally found our way out without anymore inccident and headed back to the cabin to rest of for......

WHITE WATER RAFTING!! Woo Hoo!! Now this is will recommend if you are looking for something great to do. It is a must try at least once in your life. I didn't want to go some the tame Nanahala, so instead I signed Jon and I up for a full day on the Ocoee, this river includes the Olympic Whitewater Course and it was AWESOME!! Class 3 and 4 rapids, Jon and I sat in the front so we got the full brunt of the water splashing fun, and I only fell out of the boat two times. Woo Hoo!!! Once I went head first straight over Jon's head, head first and took him and two other people with me. Go me! The rapids were amazing, and we got to swim in the river twice for quite a while, which was so amazing. Jon rode the bull through tw oof the rapids, which meant that he sat on the front of the boat with his legs over the edge holding onto a strap while we went through 2 class 3 rapids. It was fabulous, I am so sad there were no pictures of that. I highly recommend rafting on th Ocoee, do the whole river, not just half it's so worth it, and we went with Rolling Thunder River Company, and they were fantastic. I can not wait to go again.

So that was a great anniversary weekend. Our little cabin was right over a beautiful creek and Jon fished for trout right off the porch. (caught a couple too). There were a couple little cascades there so we could leave the sliding door open and listen to the water too. It was so relaxing and wonderful, I can't wait to be able to do it again. :D

Once I get all the photos uploaded I'll post a few so you can see the fun. :D

Friday, June 5, 2009

Okay only about a month and a half late...but

.. here are a few pictures to continue with the remodel of Boogies Room. We started this project way back in April while she was visiting Florida and I promised updates over Easter but well here we are in June and things happen, so I say better late then never. I think that these pictures pick up where we left off. Enjoy!

This is the start of the reading corner and Boogies princess bed.

This mermaid is beautiful and she is a sticker. Seriously an awesome 5ft sticker from Wallies. I will plug this brand because everything that we bought from them was good quality and looked great once we were finished. So check them out, they have a little bit of everything.

This is the reading nook (left) and the music/art/princess area (above). Charlotte spends most of her time in her room now, reading, drawing and playing on the instruments.

This is the finished project below. There is good storage to keep it pretty clean, and she can find and put away her own toys. I would say that if you really want you little person to enjoy playing and imagining on their own, an inspiring room is the way to go. On a budgeting and construction note. I shopped around for everything, and even found stuff like the bed ($5) at a yard sale to keep costs low. Our total work time mostly after work in the evenings was 5 days including one Sunday, and total budget for all supplies was $450. Not to bad for the great room that we got out of it. Good luck with your remodel projects.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Alligators, Timber Rattlers and a 2 1/2 year old.....

Did I peak your interest? No, I am not talking about out Memorial Day weekend although that was not without incident. I TOLD you, well I will tell you, but I digress.

So this weekend Jon was an absolute angel and packed up all of his stuff and Boogie's stuff and headed down to Papa Edge's farm. I had a huge accounting problem due, which only took me a total of 3 hours to complete. Whew! On top of that there were 4 quizzes on test and a short paper that were due, so an empty house was just what I needed, and Jon realizing that got the heck out of Dodge and took Boogie with him. It was perfect, but again I digress I am sure all you want to hear about is the above mentioned reference.

So Jon, Boogie and Papa Edge, headed out early Saturday morning to look at a piece of property that Papa is leasing to do quail and pheasant hunting for guests throughout the year. The only way to get back there is by 4 wheeler, now people don't freak out, I am not one to condone toddlers on 4 wheelers, but please realize that Jon probably went all of about 5 miles an hour with her on it, and her power wheel goes faster then that. Trust me he called while they were heading out and I put the fear of GOD into him. :D Anyway on the way out to the river they came across the about mentioned Timber Rattler; remember middle GA is either swamp pasture or pine fields, that's it people pick from one of the above three. Jon said it was a very large snake laying right across the road and was not at all happy to see them, so he shot it. Again Jon and I both are very pro snake they are great for the environment, even the rattlers, but on a 4 wheeler with a toddler I don't think I would chance it. Well Charlotte was very excited that daddy shot the bad snake in the face (not the head mind you) and then chopped it's tail off. She was almost as excited about this as she was about the Alligators that they saw at the river. She wanted to pet one and bring it home. Uh no. So once this discussion is finished, Jon's says that they got the 4 wheelers stuck on the way back, I asked where he put Boogie while they got them unstuck and he said that he put her by a tree and told her to stay put. Uh put a 2 1/2 year old by a tree in the woods with Alligators and Timber Rattlers and told her to stay put. For the love of God!! Apparently the only trouble that she found were the blackberries growing under the pines, so all was good. She did however have another run in with some Alligators at the farm pond.
The pond is a good size but a bit small for 3 full grown alligators, and with cattle, geese, chickens, goats, dogs, and ducks all wondering down to the edge (not to mention Boogie) you don't really want toooo many gators in there. So Jon and Papa Edge trapped 2 of the three (mind you their still small now, between 2 and 3 feet) and moved them too a creek a few miles down the road. Well this was fine with Boogie until they let them go; I might add that I was sent a video of one of the little gators almost getting a chunk of my husbands bicep (do you see what I have to live with, wait till you hear about memorial day). Well when they went to let him go, Boogie was very upset. Jon told her it was okay he was going to a new home, and she said I want him to come to my home. Uh yeah no. *Sigh*
I am happy to say that they did make it back without incident despite their numerous run ins with nature. Boogie had a fabulous time as usual playing with the chickens and the dogs, and the two puppies that are now very roly poly. She also got to see her cow Elsie which was great excitement and there has been the addition of some little goats, which Papa promised her he would get since she said she likes visiting them at the zoo. I am hoping that they are also being used for the milk, and not just for Boogie's enjoyment, which I am sure they are. She loves visiting down there and I am so glad that she is able to see how things work on a farm, it is a great experience. :D