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Saturday, December 19, 2009

December Photo Challenge 18 &19

We had a special letter arrive in the mail yesterday...

We were lucky enough to see the big man last weekend so that Boogie could tell him what she wanted for Christmas. She was so excited to receive her letter from Santa that we had to read it 3 or 4 times.

Tonight she insisted that I take a picture of her with it standing on her stool in front of the Christmas tree. Ah the memories!!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Pioneer Woman in Atlanta....

Yep I am a little late getting around to this, but it is only a week till Christmas so can I have a little slack. Pretty please!!
This little book signing was an event that I looked forward to since the post first came on Ree's sight. I don't know who turned me onto this sight, but wow do I love it. Ree takes gorgeous photos and make fabulous recipes, her house looks amazing and she has Charlie whom I would just love to cuddle and snuggle. Charlie by the way if your not familiar is a Basset Hound.

When I found out that she was coming to Atlanta I could barely contain myself "Oh my god I live in Atlanta!!!!" So I called up the girls and we put it in our calenders and started counting off the days.
I just knew that we would have so much to talk about I mean, DH grew up on a cattle farm, that his dad still works. Check...

Boogie has these adorable red boots that she just loves to wear....

She loves to do her chores at the farm when we visit, like feeding the chickens....

She loves the chickens and they love her. See...

She has a cow at the farm named Elsie. Elsie is a pretty little heifer too, Boogie was there when she was born.

Her daddy looks good in a cowboy hat and a pair of wranglers too. (He's in the back ground here)

Boogie can hang out with her Papa on Cattle gates like no ones business, and look totally adorable doing it.

We have a cute puppy that I just love to snuggle, Tickle is our big jowly baby we love to play with her lips...

There were so many factors here that I thought this would just be friends at first sight. I would say something witty, my friends would laugh. We would pose and show how goofy we were and how much fun, and it would just be sheer bliss.

So we pre-ordered our books and some for Christmas presents and continued to patiently wait and wait and wait. This was actually good practice for the night of the signing, it was like preparing for a marathon. (little did we know)

Finally the day of the signing was here, we were geared up, I even made sure that all three batteries were charged up on the beast and against my better judgement decided to leave the mega flash at home. One of my wonderful girlfriends got off work early and headed over to the bookstore at 4pm to try to get us seats. I am almost 8 months pregnant and didn't think that I could stand for a couple of hours without some serious back strain so she said she would take one for the team. We had no clue what we were in for, but when Jen called and said there were no chairs and she had gotten wrist bands I knew we might be in for a wait. Still this was Ree we would wait.

So I got there at 5pm and happily bi passed the wristband people that were already on green, Jen got Orange (woo hoo) and headed upstairs. And found Jen and started waiting, with all these nice folks at 5pm.

I wondered how long the people that got the first bands had been in line because we got Orange G, and Orange A had been there since 9am...9am people this is like rock star tickets!

So while we waited we snapped a couple of shots because that's what I do...

Me and Jen and our cookbooks (Yay) I had a whole bag full of them at my feet. :D

Then Shwetha (our newly engaged friend) made it in from Douglasville. She was fast!

And then finally it was 6pm, yes they pushed the event up from 7:30, and she was there....Ree was in the building....OMG!!!

Isn't she pretty!! I was snapping like a paparazzi, thank god I left the big flash in the car, the poor woman would have been blind. I was right up front, it was awesome I was excited, there were pictures. I had pictures. People were getting their books signed, mine would be signed, OMG. I took pictures of total strangers because they drove from Florida and I just had to drive across town. I was amazed!

My little flash proved to be a good little flash that could and didn't let me down. Soon however we realized that the wait was going to be a bit long, our snacks were going to run out, Shwetha was going to die of thirst and my 3 inch heals and pregnant belly were not going to be forgiving, so we hit Seattle's best and found a nice comfy piece of rug, right behind the T-shirt table and entertained ourselves.

Jen found this little Gem of a book....

I highly recommend it as we were cackling like witches, I think some people around us thought we might be drinking a different kind of beer, instead of our root beers. I would however caution that this is maybe not a game to pass this time with say your family. Mom might look at you in a whole new light once your answer some of these or vice versa.

While we were sitting there laughing our heads off I noticed this....

Cakewrecks is another great blog and if you haven't visited I highly recommend it especially if you need a good laugh. Jen and I ventured to their book signing as well and it was just as fantastic as Ree's. However I digress, Cakewrecks is in no way shape or form related too or has anything to do with Gambling. I don't know how shelved this book, but it is so ironic that a book about cakes gone wrong would go so wrong its self. :D We had a nice laugh about this too, really we were laughing about everything, maybe we did pick up the wrong kind of beer.

Finally we got called to line up. Now this just meant that it was time to get in line to get your chance to talk to Ree and get her autograph, we still had another hour wait. However being giddy on root beer we were able to entertain ourselves with the various topics that we wove through on our tour of the stacks leading to Ree. I will say that we had to stand in the Mathematics and Quantum Physics section just a little to long and I started to get dazed and confused...but then finally after waiting for 3 hours and 45 minutes.

There were our 8 books sitting in front of Ree on the table and WE WERE NEXT!!!

My witty comments were ready, I was going to meet my new best friend. I couldn't wait I just new that angels would start singing at any minute and then it was time.....

There she was signing my book and saying something...something what was she saying. OMG!! I turned into the biggest goober that ever walked the earth and could say nothing. I was star struck, I was mute, I was standing there like a fool. All my good intentions went right out the window. *Sigh*
Oh well Ree was just as expected, very cute and funny and gracious with her time. Shwetha and Jen were able to get a few words out, but I just stood there and nodded with a blank mind. *Sigh*
We got a great picture.....

I'll be able to show baby Addison when she is born, but I will make up a great story about how I just charmed the socks off of Ree with my stories about life at Papa's farm and her cute big sister. Then we were finished and it was time for the next person to get her few minutes of time with Ree.

We did get to say a quick hello to Betsy (Ree's sister) and Hyacinth (her friend) and got one of the last T-shirts of the night. Now that is luck because I love these shirts too, the pattern is beautiful, and the shirt is so soft....

That was it the night was over it was 8pm and we had our signed books and good memories. It didn't go quiet as I had built it up in my mind but the time spent with good friends was fantastic. It was the perfect first meeting. We left the bookstore excited and STARVING so headed over the Mellow Mushroom for what had to be the best pizza ever created on the face of the earth and just a little more girl time before heading home.

All in all a magical evening with Ree the Pioneer Woman.

Oh and if you get a chance pick up her cookbook the recipes are amazing. The mashed potatoes are a new house favorite as are the meatballs. So far everything I have tried has been amazing, so it is well worth adding to you kitchen library.

Happy cooking everyone and thanks for visiting Atlanta Ree, it was a fabulous night.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

December 17 Photo Challenge

Today is my family made this challenge easy. They sent me flowers... I love, love, love flowers. The flowers were the most expensive part of my wedding...I love pretty flowers.

Mom and Dad sent me these with a very sweet note...
My hubby and my cute daughter got me a yummy vanilla cake (my favorite) and red roses. A great compliment to the bouquet sent by mom and dad...

I also got a fantastic uhhhhh paper wiener from a good friend with a great sense of humor. Together with our little snowman, it really tells you alot about my daily life. A lot of beauty with a just a little humor to tinge the edges. :D

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

December Photo Challenge 14,15,16

Here I am again catching up, but this time I am just going to shrug my shoulders and say enjoy the photos because late or not at least their here.

I thought I would continue the tour of our Christmas tree. First, is my favorite ornament, that my husband bought me 4 years ago. I was very sick, but I had a performance up in North GA that I couldn't get out of so my hubby drove me up there. Before the performance we found a cute little Christmas shoppe and in it was this pretty little carved angel...

The verse carved on it one of the recitatives from Handel's Messiah. I have sung these many times so this was the perfect ornament. :D
Next I thought I would let you have a look at our tree in all its lit glory. With the red walls in the living room it really has that festive glow.

One of my favorite strands of lights on the tree as some clear lexan angels. They have just a touch of gold on them and they are all playing trumpets. Some have not made it over the years but for the most part they are all intact. There were actually a thrift store find and I think they add something special to the tree....

If you haven't already found a theme here, let me say that while my husband is really into cars, trucks, and motorcycles on the tree, I tend toward angels. I just love how different they all look and how each has that touch of serenity about them. So between the two of us our tree is very interesting.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A little slow but thought that I ought to do this...

My SIL and MIL threw me and C a fabulous baby shower last weekend. I have just been a little under the weather and a smidge busy, so I haven't been able to post about it yet.

I got there fashionably late as usual and found a fabulous set up.

The fabulous spread that was catered by the Coco Bean Cafe was centered by this family tree. The tree had photos of both C and I's families on it from infancy to childhood ,and the task was to match them up with the correct family member on the correct side. Not so simple but so much better then having to eat baby food. :D Oh and the food was fabulous so if you are in the Kennesaw/Acworth area definitely look them up.

There were also fabulous cakes and pastries catered from Publix. Say what you want about large grocery bakeries, but for my money Publix never disappoints, so the next time you need a good cake give them a chance. Here are the cute cakes and the great dessert spread that everyone got to enjoy, and they were fabulous.

C looks fabulous in this photo I kinda feel like I want to hide behind the table. :D Everything tasted great and looked beautiful.

Then of course it was gift time. Everyone was so sweet and so generous, and C and I both are so lucky to have such amazing friends and families. Little Addison and little S will be so loved and I know I am so excited to tell Addy about her wonderful family. :D

Thank you so much for all the families and friends that were so wonderful and loving in joining us to welcome the new little people in our lives. I am so so excited for baby Addison to meet you all. :D

December 13 Photo Challege

My husband and I buy each other an ornament every year. This little truck is from the year that we got married, 1999. It's one of his favorite ornaments and is special to me too, because it was our first Christmas together, and we froze up in Boston. :D

Now my tree is covered in trucks, motorcycles, and classic cars, but it just reminds me how long we've been together and how much I still love him. Happy Holidays baby, I love you!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

December 12 Photo Challenge

I am getting a jump on today. Yay!!

This morning we got up nice and early and got ready to go see he big man. Boogie was all ready to tell him what she wanted for Christmas, she was so excited. We waited in line forever, but it was so worth it. We got up to the front and she watched as the other kids, who incidentally cut in front of the entire line of parents and kids that had been waiting, and got ready to see the man. She climbed right up in his lap, got the picture taken...and froze. No words came out of her mouth, nothing, he asked if she wanted toys and she said yes and shook her head and got down. She did wish Santa a Merry Christmas, but that was all she could do. Still I was very proud of her. So here is the big picture for today...its better then last year and I think she looked adorable in her little dress.

Friday, December 11, 2009

December Photo Challenge days 9,10,11

Okay so obviously I am going to be doing this in groups, but I promise to always catch up. So without further ado here are the photos for the last 3 days.
We finally got our tree up and decorated. This is the one that we went out and picked up at the tree farm. We didn't actually cut it down but it did get the 3 year old tree of approval rating, so its the perfect tree. :D I think she decorated up beautiful.

Now here is our little angel on top of the tree. We've had her for quite a few years and she has been rebuilt a few times but we love her.

Finally we got our family ornament for the year. While baby Addison is not here yet, we had to include her. Her big sister was very adamant that she be included so my mom was sure that Addison had a stocking too. Thanks Mimi for thinking ahead. :D

Tomorrow is a big day for us, so there will definitely be a picture. We have breakfast scheduled with the big man, so there will definitely be a picture. :D Happy Holidays.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I playing catch up again... December Photo Challege 7&8

Well I am playing catching up again as I was lucky enough to spend a night out with Friends for a book signing with The Pioneer Woman and her fabulous new cookbook. So I didn't make it back in in time to get something posted.

So here is my picture for yesterday....

Boogie found this nutcracker for Mrs. M the wonderful lady that watches her. Mrs. M loves nutcrackers and has quiet collection every year we try to add one for her. This is the first year that Charlotte has been able to pick it out herself and she was very proud of her little drummer. Mrs. M loved it too and that is the most important thing. :D

Last night as I said I met up with friends at a big bookstore for the book signing for Pioneer Woman, she was fabulous but that will be another post. :D While there I saw one of my favorite things about the holidays...books, tons and tons of Christmas books. The kids section is my favorite because my 3 year old loves the Christmas books. We have a pop up book that we read all year round that she can recite now because we have read it so much. So here are a few interesting titles from the kids section last night...

SO head out to the nearest book store and pick up your favorite holiday book. I'll recommend Christmas at the zoo, it is a fantastic pop up book. Happy Holidays.

Monday, December 7, 2009

Not me Monday

We as a family did not have a busy weekend, it was absolutely peaceful and relaxing. It did not begin with a sleepover for 3, 3 year olds hosted solely by myself, because I did not let my hubby bail on me. I did not let them stay up until almost 11pm before they zonked out.

On Saturday I did not wake up at the crack of dawn to jump in the shower before the above 3 year olds woke up and scrub off, only to find one 3 year old in my bed. I did not proceed to sit her in front of the TV while I made pancakes and poured bowls of cereal. I did not then dress all 3 year olds and drag the poor darlings to ride the Pink Pig. I did not make them, a five year old, one of my dear dear friends and my dear husband stand outside in 30+ degree weather and a cold wind for almost 2 hours to ride Priscilla the Pink Pig for all of about 1 minutes and 30 seconds. I did not then by 2 of 3 three year olds fast food for lunch, pack them back up in the car and head out to a baby shower for the rest of the afternoon, which meant that I did not encourage them to skip their naps.

And again I did not do all of this 7 months pregnant. :D There are some pictures but I will deny everything till my dying breathe.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Priscilla the Pink Pig

There is a great holiday tradition here in Atlanta for little kids that began in 1953. The holiday rides that can be taken on Priscilla the Pink Pig.

Priscilla at one time strolled along the top of the Rich's building in Downtown Atlanta, suspended from at steel rail frame. Now the Pink Pig resides at a giant white tent on top of the parking deck near Macy's at Lenox Mall. The interior of the tent is decked out in pink stars and pink lights and a little store area full of pink pigs.

A ride for kids allows children and adults if you chose to take a stroll through a Christmas wonderland on Pricsilla that is full of pink. Rides are very reasonable at $3 or 2 rides for $5.50 and if you choose to ride twice you don't have to wait in line, you can just stay on the pig train. A portion of the proceeds for the ride benefit Children's Healthcare of a Atlanta, so all in all a win win for many, right?

My husband and I thought that we were doing good to meet up with a friend and her kids between 10:30 and 11am on Saturday morning. I mean the pig doesn't start running until 10am and it was cold how bad could the wait be? Plus I had three 3 year olds the were very very excited about riding the pink pig for the very first time.
So we got in line and the wait started, and we waited in side the mall for a little while the girls were excited and we had Starbucks, life was good. Then we got outside, it had been a while, but the girls were still doing good and were excited if maybe a little chilly. It was in the 30's a bit cool for Atlanta, but the Starbucks was still warm so things were fine. Then we got to see Priscilla, herself, waiting near the tent after about an hour.

The girls were happy to see Priscilla and any grumps were temporarily vanquished. Then there was a nice sign to pose by and a nice banner, but things were starting to go downhill.

There were some tight smiles here that were coaxed out of the photo participants, but by this time DH was crouched down trying to keep Boogie warm, and B Bug was clinging to be shivering and crying that she wanted her mommy. The line was not moving but the wind was and the opening of the tent could not come quick enough. However, the best thing about the tent was that it cut the wind, there was no heat or heaters to be seen, and people were huddling close for body heat, by this time we had been in line for about an hour and a half, but by now we were also getting on that pig!

Finally, finally after an hour and 45 minutes we made it to the front of the line, and it was time to ride the Pink Pig. Was it worth the wait for the parents, nope, with all the whining, crying, cold and wind. Was it worth the wait for the girls I am not entirely sure but they seemed to have a good time, all in all.

Or perhaps not...there seems to be mixed reviews here.

I would just say that if you "THINK" that you might want to visit and ride the Pink Pig, either go in the middle of the week, before school is out, or be there before the ride starts in the morning and be one of the first in line. Other then that expect a nice long wait and quiet a few instances of telling your children that you are almost to the front. Work on your acting skills and pray that they believe you. Good luck and Happy Holidays. Oh and I got the sticker that says "I rode the Pink Pig" :D