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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

A New Breed of Mastiff

I am simply making a case here....

Simply Adorable Face complete with strings of drool

Big Goofy Slobbery Grins

Guaranteed to give you big slobbery kisses

Adorable rolls of skin

Evidence that the saliva glads work without flaw

I think you will agree that there could be some argument as to a new breed of Mastiff. Either way she is exclusively mine and absolutely adorable, drool and all.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

A good solid effort!!!

 Jellybean is 5 months old and she is a great eater so we thought we would go ahead and introduce her to solids.  With Boogie we waited until 6 months to give her any that even resembled a solid, there was one instance with gravy, but we won't mention that. Jellybean seemed ready a little earlier to try out some solids, so we though we would just start with a little rice cereal.

I think that maybe she was a little apprehensive at first, but boy did her tone change quickly. With the spoon heading toward her mouth this is the face we got...

The first taste was a little shocking I think since it was a new experience...

but then the transformation began and the look of joy started to beam from those big gorgeous eyes...

until finally the taste of rice cereal was nothing short of pure bliss....

Of course Boogie was close by to supply us with some beautiful dinner music on her acoustic guitar...

(Yes Boogie got a bath, yes those are tattoos, she is in that phase right now, I think it adds to the rocker persona)

After dinner when I asked who was going to help with the dishes the girls both seemed to be looking for someone.  There were no volunteers from this group.

After our yummy dinner of Rice cereal Jellybean made sure to do her exercises, which included a little bit of tummy time.....

Not to much mind you but just enough to keep her happy and not lose that girlish figure!!

All in all I would have to say the experience was a solid effort by all involved.

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Thursday, July 8, 2010

For the 4th Time...

We had an eventful 4th of July, but a good one none the less.  Somethings we really could have done without, but there is no use dwelling on the not so great portions because there were many, many great times.

We started out by letting Boogie have another sleepover.  This one was with her friend L and our neighbor and Boogies friend A.  The girls were great and L & A came and told me at 9pm that they were tired and we're going to bed.  Of course I didn't believe them, but low and behold by 9:15 all the little girls in the house were sound asleep.  I am not really sure what forces of Heaven and Earth helped pull that one off, but by 9:30 I was really thinking that I could handle two 4 year olds a 3 year old (almost 4 ) and a 4 month old.  Keeping up with them  on Saturday would change my mind and have me thanking God and his infinite wisdom for not giving me multiples.  I promise to post some pictures of this little get together later, but all in all the girls were wonderful.

Saturday was our day of festivities this year, so I set me alarm for 7am so that I could be up before the girls to have pancakes and sausage ready when they woke up.  Well at 6:50 L came in and crawled into bed with Jon and I closely followed about 5 minutes later by Boogie.  A wasn't going to wake up unless I had a air horn near her head.  So I rolled Boogie and L close together and jumped in the shower.  Since L was wide awake we got dressed and I was able to snap a couple of cute patriotic shots of her in her 4th gear.

About an hour later everyone else was up and fed and packed and ready to go to the Marietta 4th of July Parade.  A's parents and little brother joined us and we all set out for Marietta square.  We love this parade and go every year, and every year I forget sunscreen, you'll see the effects of that mistake later.

So we found a great spot and got settled in.

The girls were anxiously awaiting the start of the parade, but waited it out like troops.

Jellybean just hung out with her biker daddy.  Don't you just love her outfit?

Then it was time for the parade to begin.  We got so lucky this year because they did a presentation of colors right in front of us, and it was great.

The floats were fantastic....

Of course being in the South no 4th of July parade is complete without Southern Belles and Confederate Soldiers....

And of course we are so grateful for the service and sacrifice of all the Veterans that came and were applauded for their service to our great nation.

We finally had to leave the parade after 2 hours because the girls were getting restless and Jellybean was falling asleep.  Plus we had to be a Nah Nah and Bops house for some great BBQ and water fun with the family.

Before we left though Boogie made it a point to get as many campaign stickers as possible.  She had quite a collection going....

I am sad to say that I was a slacker with the photography at Nah Nah and Bop's house, but we did have a great time and we did eat some fantastic food.  It was also nice to visit with family and friends.  If you do want to see some photos jump over to my SIL's blog and check out her pictures of everyone...           Cooper 4th of July

After a brief swing by the house we headed the Chamblee for their fireworks display.  Before you make a comment, Yes we always have a very busy 4th of July.  At Chamblee we met up with Belle (my running partner) and her husband, along with friends S and J for a fun relaxing evening.

Jellybean and Jon just hung out, but it gave me a chance to snap some good shots...

This one of my favorites from the day.  I just love that little face.

Charlotte is a bit more on the go so harder to get photos of, there was also a free bouncy house and slide right behind us, so she kept running over there to play.  Free bouncy house = awesome idea while waiting for fireworks to start.

Oh and do you see why I am in mortal fear everyday that she is going to choke on something...AGAIN!!  Everything goes in this child's mouth, I swear I say "Get that out of your mouth" about a million times a day.

Here is one lone shot of me and the girls.  Do you see why sunscreen is so important if your out in the sun?  I am happy to say that the redness is gone and it does not appear that I will peal, but ouch!!

I just love this shot of Belle and L. By this point L was exhausted and was falling asleep from all the fun of the day, but she still looks super cute.

I again was a slacker and forgot my tripod so no firework shots, but they were great.  We really enjoyed ourselves and the time spent with good friends.

On Sunday the actual 4th we were pretty beat so we just stuck close to home and vegged a bit.  I was able to get the girls to pose for a couple more pictures though, and they are cute.  Enjoy!!!

All in all a good 4th of July weekend.  Happy Birthday America!!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

To whom the Belle strolls.....