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Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Wicked Weather Prayer...

There is no doubt in my mind that you have seen the pictures and videos of the total devastation that came through the South yesterday.  We were on edge all night last night as at least a dozen tornadoes touched down in various parts of Georgia, but thankfully we were not effected.  I prayed and I prayed hard, and I felt bad about that because I don't pray often enough.  However, I think that God heard me and he kept us safe.  He watched out for all our family and friends scattered across Alabama and Georgia, and we are all safe.  I prayed mostly  for my kiddos, the two little ones that I couldn't imagine life without and the new little one that we have only weeks until we meet.  It was selfish of me as a mother to pray to God to keep them safe, but I did it anyway with fervor because that is what moms do.  We pray everyday for God's infinite wisdom to protect our children, and I think he understands that.  I breathed a sigh of relief at 1:30am when it looked like we were out of the woods in the Atlanta metro area, and I fell asleep thanking God for his protection.

This morning I woke up and felt sad and humble because while God had seen fit to keep my family and friends safe from these storms, there were many, many others that could not say the same thing.  Many others that probably prayed the same prayer I did but would not wake up in this world this morning.  Many who were spared but lost everything they owned.  Many who made it through a terrifying night of wind and rain and hail to see the sun come up and learn that a loved one or a close friend had not made it. 

So today instead of selfishly praying for myself or my children, I pray for those that have lost. Lost all their possessions, lost friends and loved ones, lost simply everything.  I pray that God can be the strength that they need to pick up whatever pieces are salvageable and rebuild their lives.  I pray that no matter what they lost yesterday they are able to find a way to continue living.

That is my prayer today from the bottom of my heart.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Hippity Hoppity...look at the colored eggs!

The girls have been spoiled with Easter Egg hunts lately and they will have one more on Saturday before Easter is officially here.  I missed PJ's official first Easter Egg Hunt, because like every spare moment I have, I was working on getting all this construction done in our house.  However I have it on good authority from their Nah Nah that the girls had a great time.

Jon and I did get to go with them on Sunday to what we will call PJ's first officially photographed Easter Egg Hunt, and boy does she know what to do. :D  We were running late and just barely made it in time, so I apologize for her hair being in her face and not up and cute, but 2 more minutes and there would be no pictures.

 PJ was a pro at picking up the eggs, but don't think that she was letting go of Jon's finger to do it.

 This little basket was perfect for her, nice and light, but deep enough to hold a few eggs.

 We also caught her standing on her own.  She is trying to convince us that she can't do this, but I have photographic evidence now!

 I think she knows that cat is out of the bag.  What do you think?

 Boogie did great too.  However I was to slow to catch any of the action.  Her group were off like rockets and the eggs were all collected in a matter of seconds. :D

 Here are the girls together, getting PJ to look at the camera is no easy feat let me tell you, so if one of them looks happy then I'll take it.

 PJ was very happy to show me all the eggs she had collected though.  The blue one was her favorite.

 This was Boogie's favorite thing...the giant bouncy slide.  She would have stayed on it  until they deflated it if we had had the time to stick around.

 This girl is a daredevil from time to time, and just adores going fast.

 This is one of my favorite pictures of the day...look at that height.  Go Boogie!!!

 Once there was a sufficient amount of sliding done it was time for some good yummy sugar.

 Introducing girls have never met a cupcake they didn't like.  I think they come by that honestly.

 Although Boogie is more partial to the frosting then the actual cake part.  Good thing PJ took care of that other pesky part for her.

 There was no concealing the evidence of a well enjoyed cupcake.

 After cupcakes there was a Bunny Hop race.  Now Boogie has been unknowingly practicing for this in the front yard.  The other week I looked out the front windows and she was hoping from one end of the yard to the other in a black trash bag.  I guess she knew she would need that skill in the near future.

 All the little kiddos looked adorable in their Bunny Hop sacks.  Boogie is the 3rd from the right.

 Then the race was on.  Boogie didn't win, but she gave it a good effort and had a great time.

PJ and Jon or course watched and cheered her on which probably made her the happiest of all.

It was a great day, enjoyed by everyone.  Thanks Nah Nah and Bop for inviting us over for a great Easter Egg Hunt. :D

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wordless Wednesday...My Sisters

Actually my parents didn't give me sisters, just one little brother that I loved to torment as a child.  However, when I was deciding to go to college I only looked at two because I "knew" where I was going to go...Stetson University.  Just to keep my options open though, I also applied at a small liberal arts college in South Carolina that was an all women's college.  No way was going to go there, but the music program was good and they seem genuinely interested to have me there, so mom and I went to check it out.  In 1999 I graduated with a Bachelor in Music - Vocal Performance from Converse College, that all women's school that there was no way I was going to. 

Those 4 years were some of the best of my life thus far.  I have amazing memories of good times in the dining hall, hallway sleepovers and shouts of "Man on the Hall" to announce a male visitor.  Matter of fact I had just started dating my husband (long distance) when I started my freshman year at Converse so he shares many of my memories as well. All that said the most precious thing that I received during my time at Converse were my sisters.  I think they are why God urged me to this school, yes the academics and faculty were excellent, and class size was extremely small, but God knew that as I moved forward in my life I would need sisters, and so he sent me to a place where a could find a diverse group of amazing women to call my sisters.  Many of these women I have known as long as my husband, and just like him, I can not begin to imagine my life without any of them.  So as a little tribute here they are, some of the most amazing sisters that a women could ever ask for, and I thank God for them every single day. :D

We are all spread out across the eastern part of the US but somehow we always find a way to see each other.  Especially for big events, like weddings.

Divorce Showers/Baby Showers

10 Year College Reunion

Baby showers for twins!!

Revisiting the place where we all met.

4th of July

Kids Birthdays

These are my wonderful sisters that I have had the pleasure and honor to know and love for the past 16 years.  I love you all!!