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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

His most important job......

We are expecting another little baby girl in February, and we couldn't be more pleased. Boogie will have a little sister to play with and dote on and I just imagine that they will have a great relationship. This is my vision of the future and I will hold to it tightly. Now had it been a boy there would have been an all out fight over the name, DH wanted a junior and I was having none of that, so when the sonographer said it was a girl I thought we had the name in the bag. Abigail Grace..simple and done. Boy was I wrong, so wrong, more wrong then I have ever been in my life.

DH decided that HE would be the one to name the newest female member of our family, since as he pointed out Boogies name was all my idea. I was okay with this since Jon has pretty good taste and doesn't suggest things like Satellite or Blueberry. However, he also decided that he didn't really want to talk about it and would decide when he decided. Hmmmmmph! Now here is where my personal agony began, Jon is a little strong willed (no clue who he might have passed that on to) and so when he said that he would pick a name when he was good and ready, that is what he meant. That didn't sit very well with me at all. Why? Well here is my reasoning.

I know that there is a little girl growing bigger and stronger inside of me everyday. It's not an IT anymore it is a gender specific little person, and as such should be addressed by a name. She should have an identity even now, we should love her now as the little person that she will be when she's born. We should love her as Firstname Grace Cooper. (Ha, ha you'll notice that I did get to pick her middle name, but that is another post.) So back to my dilemma, I made a list of 25 names that I liked and handed it to Jon about a month ago and said here are some of the names that I like what do you think? We looked together and talked about a few but nothing really caught his eye. I was a little upset because quite a few of those names I really really liked, but his choice. So I waited a couple of weeks and there was no other mention or discussion of a name, nothing, so I made another list and gave it to him Monday night. He took it and said I'll decide when I'm ready to decide. Now people I am pregnant and that was it. Monday night for me was the last straw and I was upset that my wonderful DH was just being pigheaded about this because he could be. I didn't cry but I was close.

Well good husband that he is Jon realized that enough was enough. We've known we're having a wonderful little girl for almost a month now, and for almost a month she has been nothing but Baby Girl Cooper, so he really looked at the list this time. Finally he found two names he really liked, two names I liked, and one name that Boogie would bless. In our house it is always the 3 year old that gets final say of course.

So I am happy to finally be able to call this amazing little being growing inside me by her name. It's a beautiful name . We will be so excited to introduce you all to Addison Grace Cooper sometime in late February. Jon took his most important job very seriously and named his new daughter very well, even if he was a bit pigheaded about the whole thing. :D

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Share and share a like

With little ones you work really really hard to make sure that they are responsible upstanding people as they grow. You make sure that they know please and thank you and if you are from some southern parts of the US that adults are addressed with a yes Ma'am and a no Ma'am or yes Sir and no Sir. Right up there on that list is sharing, and with a new baby on the way we have really been pushing the sharing idea with Boogie. She really does very well and minus some of her favorite things is more then willing to share with everyone. Now the only problem with sharing is that you can't discourage them from sharing once you have it ingrained that they should always be willing to share everything they have with someone else. This little issue has cropped up in our house.
Boogie has shared, quite directly with her mommy, her head cold. She had the nice reaction to her flu shot that gave her a lovely head cold right in time for her big birthday party. She was doing very very well until Saturday night after the party when she was a little sniffly and coughing so we let her sleep in bed with us. At some point in the night my kind little daughter drew her finger under her runny nose and proceeded to then roll over and stick it right up my nose. Right up in there with all the little germs and everything. Ahhhhhhhh!!!
That was my immediate reaction, ahhhh my sick daughter just stuck her little snotty finger up my nose, sneeze, sneeze flush evacuate the germs, but to no avail. They were there festering in my sinus cavity rapidly multiplying until Sunday I felt like I would die.
Yesterday, having stayed home from work, with my lovely gift from my dear daughter, we went to the OB's office where that wonderful woman told me that the miracle that is Tylenol Cold and Sinus was perfectly fine for me to take. Angels sang and trumpets rang in heaven, and while it is helping me to feel normal I can still feel that last strangling germs trying to plant their beady little claws into my mucus membranes.
So take this as a tale of warning, teach you children to be polite and share, but maybe place a few restrictions on that sharing, like germs. Germs are personal and should be kept to your self. I remember from school hearing something that always stuck with me....If it's wet and sticky and not yours don't touch it, so maybe the rule should be if its wet and sticky and yours don't share it.
Happy sharing!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I think that Noah is moving in to GA

Rain rain go away come again another a month from now... after we have had some sunshine and everything in North Georgia has had time to dry out....Amen.

Okay, I am seriously not one to look a gift horse in the mouth, but honestly we have not had a week without major rain here in Georgia in the past month. Honestly a month. Boogie and I had headed down to Florida for my brothers wedding when all the rain started and other then maybe 5 days it has not stopped since September 19th.

I know that everyone saw the pictures and video from that week here in the Atlanta area, it was so much worse then they could even portray. People have lost everything, even we sustained a bit of water damage from the heavy amounts of rain and we are no where remotely close to a river, stream or even a drainage ditch. People are still trying to get things cleaned up and dried out and mother nature seems to be working against us. The only good part other then we really did need the rain at the beginning of all this is that the temperatures have also stayed very very low here in Atlanta for this time of year. We're straight into long sleeves and my maternity wardrobe is not equipped for that. :D

So all I am asking for. pleading for, on my knees begging for a reprieve from the rain for a few days. Lawns need to dry out, houses need to dry out and dog gone it we just want to see a little sunshine for a few days. A few days to get out and enjoy the beautiful leaves, get some pumpkins out, enjoy the mums and all the other fall color. We long to be out of our houses and out in world, in the sun. So please please please stop raining just for a few days. We all need a little sunshine, and I can't afford a boat to get to work.

Monday, October 12, 2009


I don't think that whew accurately describes the weekend that we had, but its as close as I can get without a picture of my husband and I passed out. :D Why do you have to go into major cleaning mode before people come to your house? I mean it is nice to have a super clean house and all, but usually you just over do it. Case in point, Boogie's 3rd birthday party is this weekend. The party favors are purchased , the Bouncy house is reserved, the present is carefully hidden in the back seat of my husbands truck, and so now we must get the yard ready for all the little kids to play in. What??? Get the yard ready for little kids, do they really care. Well apparently we think so.

With the threat of rain looming for the rest of the week, hubby and I realized that Saturday and Sunday, while free of Boogie because of some fabulous grandparent time, had better get to work. Our weekend did start out with dinner and a movie which was a nice treat but then came the list. Here was the weekend list....

Run to the farmers market for mums and pumpkins (didn't make it)

Drop off truck at the auto recyclers and pick up Mazda for an engine replacement (check)

Pick up all party favors for the party (check)

Get birthday present (check)

Get candy and goodies for the pinata (check)

Along the way we stopped at a fabulous German bakery for some fresh brats and it took me back to Berlin. Super yummy!! Okay I digress back to the list at hand...

Measure the front fascia of the house to replace the wood, and gutters and paint. (check)

Pick up all the supplies at HD to accomplish the above referenced task (check)

Here I have to admit that really Hubby took care of this and wouldn't let me anywhere near the ladder so I just watched in horror hoping that he would not fall off the roof. For those who know my DH you totally understand my paranoia.

Weed flower beds (half check)

Plant Fall Flowers (check)

Paint side fence (check)

Mow yard including play area (check and check)

Rake all Magnolia Leaves and replace pea gravel in walk way (check)

Till the front ditch (check)

Get a pressure washer and pressure wash the entire house (check)

Paint the awning on the front of the house (check)

Cook two big pots of chicken and beef stew (yummy check and check)

Fold Laundry (check)

That was it, and we did everything but make it to the farmers market although HD had a nice selection of Mums if you looked hard. So we are exhausted, it was raining cats and dogs this morning so getting out of bed was more then difficult, but we both made it. Oh and did I mention that we are still not finished. Still a bit of work to get that front yard ready for a pack of 3 -7 year olds who will only notice the giant princess castle bouncy house in the front yard and the pinata in the tree. I doubt that they will give a second glance at the quickly painted fence or the half weeded flower beds, but at least they will finally be finished. *Sigh*

Okay now I think I will crawl away to a quite hole somewhere and sleep. :D

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Well It's a.......

So again let me apologize for neglecting this blog. I am trying to get back into the swing of things, and will do better. Matter of fact you might just be inundated with updates for the next couple of days.

Our big news is that we had a big 20 weeks ultra sound last week and found out that we have a happy healthy baby.......Girl. She is already a big healthy girl weighing in at 12 ounces, I have given up all hopes of having a small baby, Boogie was just under 9lbs, so I expect our little Candy Corn to be close to her big sister. We are working on a name, but as of now DH and I have decided jokingly that Candy Corn Cooper seems very fitting, as it is my favorite fall treat. Hopefully we will have a more fitting name for her in the near future. DH is in charge of naming this one and I have given him my suggestions but ultimately I will leave the choice up to him. However we do know that her middle name will be Grace so at least something is settled.

Boogie is very very excited about having a baby sister. She has picked out a few presents for her, and gives her a kiss before bed every night. She also asks about once a week when her baby sister is going to "Pop out". I just laugh and think of her labor at 14 hours with 2 hours of pushing and an episiotomy and don't think that there is really much popping out that comes with my girls. :D Still we are all thrilled to have this little one on the way.

My other big news is that barring one test, I am finished with school. :D So once this test is sent to me and taken I will be a newly crowned (is that the right term?) Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Yay!! I think its funny that I will have a B.S. in Accounting, anyone else see the humor in that degree? It is very nice to have my degree and be done with school. It gives me a little more time with family and for myself, and to prepare for the little one coming in February. Timing could not have been better.

Our third big event for the month is that Boogie is turning 3!! Can you believe it has already been three years since she was born? I personally am in shock, she is my cute droolie baby and here she is having her very first big girl birthday party. The cake has been ordered, the pinata just awaits its candy and the bouncy house just has to be picked up and all is set. Our yard will be a combination of gruesome Halloween decorations and Disney Princesses, should be quite and interesting site. We have a lot to do to get ready....sooooooooo Boogie is heading out of town for the weekend with her Nah Nah and Bop for Buddy Roe's birthday and DH and I are charged with the task of having everything ready by the time they get back. *Sigh* Its going to be a long weekend.

So there an awesomely long update to take care of the past few weeks. I promise to post some pictures this weekend of our family trip to the beach in August and of Boogies 1st gig as a Flower Girl. She did very good I was pleasantly surprised. But those stories are for another post. Catch you guys later....