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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

A day at Amelia Island

So this past weekend we headed down to Amelia Island Florida where we stayed in a great little boutique hotel just across the street from the beach. If you get the inkling to visit Amelia Island I highly recommend not only the beach and historic district, but the hotel we stayed at. The Amelia Beach Hotel is right in the middle of everything beach oriented, and the rooms have just been remodeled to include a mini fridge, microwave and small sink, great if you have kiddos. The rooms were nice and the beds were comfy and best of all the beach was right across the street. I also have to mention the restaurant across the street from the hotel. Sliders has great affordable food and makes the BEST fired pickles EVER!! Not only that but if you sit outside under the umbrellas and eat there is a Tiki Bar for the parents and a playground for the Kiddies. You can also get to go orders of those awesome pickles and enjoy them down on the beach. Now that is heaven right there.
So anyway Boogie was very excited about the beach and we talked about it a lot and I mentioned maybe we could pick up sharks teeth. Uh Oh! Sharks are in the ocean? Can we swim with sharks. I am always honest with Boogie and told her that while sharks aren't bad we shouldn't probably swim with them because they could bite us. There should be some mom radar that says shut up shut up!! So that conversation led to this picture Saturday morning at the beach.

This is the "No mommy I don't want to get in the water there are sharks that might bite me and lose their teeth." Well it only took Jon and I about 20 minutes to convince her that the sharks were way way way out from where we were and that they wouldn't bother her. Score one for mommy. Still she stuck close to the shore for a bit and threw sand balls at those pesky biting sharks.

Finally we got some personal contact with the ocean, all by herself and it was all downhill from there folks. Now I have to say that the water was pretty rough, and the current was very strong so I was really proud of her for playing in the waves as much as she did. But she had a blast and when Jon pulled out the Boogie Board for our little Boogie, it was all over but the ceremony.


Friday, July 10, 2009

Oh my I always thought I wanted the whole world to love me but....

I have heard nothing but; "Hey have you seen that movie trailer?" " You know the one for that movie named after you?" Surely you have seen it, that movie "I love you Beth Cooper". Oh good lord!

Let me break my anonymity; Hello my name is Beth Cooper. Yes, I know there is a book out there called "I love you Beth Cooper". Yes, I know there is a movie coming out today called "I love you Beth Cooper". No, I have not read the book, although my interest is peeked a bit. No, will probably not go and see the movie in the Theatre but will probably rent it on DVD because hey my name is Beth Cooper so why not. Right?

The main character is the popular blond head cheerleader of the high school, I was so far from a cheerleader it was not even funny. Now grant you I was blond, and cute and tan, but not in that click at all. I was focused on my music, me (Beth Cooper) would have shown up in the new comedy Glee, that was my high school experience. I was also one of those smart kids, so the nerdy male lead in the movie probably would have been one of my friends rather then someone I didn't know. So I guess me (Beth Cooper) would have been the antithesis of movie Beth Cooper, the blond hair would be the only thing to link us. :D

I must say that it is really really weird to here your television say "I love you Beth Cooper" It stopped me short the first time really because it's odd. Your TV doesn't usually get that familiar with you, and well now it's professing it's love. Kinda weird.

You know if your interested check out the movie and let me know what you think. Looks like you quintessential teenage/high school coming of age movie. I will confess that in the trailer there does look like there are a few funny parts, but not funny enough for me to shell out $40 to go see it in the theatre, even I don't love myself that much.

If I have peeked your interest too you can check it out at

Have a great weekend everyone...I will tease you in saying that we should have some very exciting tales to tell once we return from our weekend. Until then....

I love you...

Beth Cooper :D