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Friday, January 29, 2010

A small change but really no change at all....

So if you are following me you will notice that my Due Date Ticker took a big jump today.  This is not becuase my due date was wrong just becuase we are not going to wait till my due date.  Let me tell you why...

My family tends to produce babies that are little chubby wubbies.  I was pretty normal at 7lbs 8oz, my brother was a bit bigger at 10lbs.  Yep I said 10lbs, and mom had him naturally, I just can't even think about that with out my cervix hurting.  My grandmother had normal or small babies but they were either early or she was smoking.  Mom was the only one that got a smidge bigger and she was just under 8lbs.  Now my great grandmother is the end all and beat all of this story, none of her babies were under 10lbs, none of the three.  Ladies and gentlemen I would have probablly stopped after one if she was 10lbs.  The kicker is that there is no history of Gestational Diabetes we just grow them big. 

For my expereince Boogie was a week early and 8lbs 12oz.  I was in labor for 14 hours, pushed for 2 hours, had to have an episiotomy to help her out and she still broke her poor little shoulder during delivery.  There is nothing that will make you feel worse then knowing that bringing your child into this world you broke her shoulder.  So to try to avoid that scenerio again I have scheduled an induction for the 15th of Febraury if Addison does not grace us with her presence by then. 

The only thing is, February 15th puts her further along then Boogie was when she was born, so I am still apprehensive and gearing up for another long labor and big baby.  I just look at those cute little newborn clothes and laugh my butt off, no child of mine would fit into those. Ha ha ha, my girls could eat your newborns for dinner..ha ha!! 

My doctor will not induce before 39 weeks unless medically nesseccary and while a big baby could be medically nesseccary not life threatening at the moment, so I wait and I pray. 

I pray that maybe just maybe baby Addison will make her apperance a bit early. 

Maybe god will hear my nightly prayers to give me just an almost 8lbs baby instead of an almost 9lb baby.

Mostly though I just pray for a healthy baby, that dosen't need a stay in the NICU like her big sister did. 

That isn't born with knots in her chord that meant it was lucky she was still with us like her big sister did.

That has 10 gorgeous fingers and 10 gorgeous toes and is healthy and happy even if she is 10lbs.  I'll live my mom did (although I think she has some secret revenge planned for my brother later in life)

So sometime before the 15th of February I hope I will be able to present a healthy happy (possibly smaller then her big sister) baby Addison to you.

Cross your fingers and say your prayers!!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Tickle the Thickle

Bulldogs are some of the most misunderstood animals still kept as pets. Many people look at them and just see what is shown on the news and in the papers of vicious fighting dogs, you rarely here what good family dogs there. How loyal they are to their families and how much they love the children in those families. I have to admit that while I try to be very open minded about all breeds and mixed breeds of dogs I was apprehensive of bulldogs. I mean they have big powerful jaws and they always seem to snap and devour some little kid or something. So when Jon decided to get a Bulldog with out 1 year old I was pretty nervous, but she was the cutest little puppy so we kept her. Best decision that we ever made she is my daughters best friend and about as vicious as a couch potato. Actually had we know her true nature when we first got her at 6 weeks old we would have just called her coma or rock with moss growing on it or perhaps couch potato or floor ornament, because well she is not very energetic and that is putting it mildly.

This is the vicious Tickle at Halloween, Boogie insisted that they both be ladybugs, you can see that Tickle vehemently was opposed to this idea.

This is what she looked like after walking two blocks, not even two blocks but she just couldn't go on and we had to take her home to rest.

This is her most energetic pose right here, rolling over to get her tummy rubbed. Jon can actually sit on the couch and brush her teeth.

Charlotte (Ring pop in her mouth)decided that Tickle needed to get into the Christmas spirit too. So she decorated her with festive stars. Tickle was very disturbed by this.

Can you see the anger in her eyes, she just wasn't putting up with this at all. It's getting ready to come to a head in the next picture....

Or maybe she'll just sleep it off because eventually she knows that I will rescue her from the 3 year old, so why exert more energy then she has to.

Boogie loves her Tickle, they wake up on the couch together on the weekends watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

Usually Boogie curls up behind Tickle and rests her head on her back and they snooze a bit more while the cartoons play. This is her friend, this lump of a couch potato, who allows Boogie to wipe her eyes from time to time.

This the most teeth that you will see out of these two and if you notice its on the three year old. Now I am not saying that Tickle doesn't growl or hasn't scared a person or two away from our fence, but I have a totally different take on Bulldogs now. And obviously Boogie loves her very much.

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I can see clearly now...

Lately here in the Atlanta area it seems like we have beautiful warm weeks and then cold rainy blustery weekends, so far three in a row. The first one was not a big deal we were just getting back from Florida, and needed to clean and put stuff away, did I mention that I am nesting? :D The second weekend we were hoping for good weather as we were scheduled to meet with Amy of Amy Hoga Photography to have a maternity shoot. Amy does gorgeous natural light photography, which means outside, and for that you need the weather to cooperate. Well at 2pm on that Saturday it was raining but look promising to clear up by Sunday so we pushed it back to Sunday at 4pm. Drove to the location on Sunday at 4 and the weather had gone from bad to worse, so time to reschedule. No pictures that weekend, but we did get some last minute stuff for baby Addison, and some great clothes as well. Thanks Nah Nah! Oh and there was that small breakdown in Babies R Us, but that is an entirely different post that I am sure many of you can relate to.

So back to the weather and getting some pictures done. Amy was fantastic since I am getting close to my due date (only about 3 weeks to go) and rescheduled to this past Saturday. Now all week the weather was simply beautiful and warm, there was a chance of rain on Sunday but nothing horrible and Saturday was suppose to be warm and partly cloudy. Uh huh right...this is what happened. Woke up Saturday to an extremely overcast day, not a big deal sometimes even better then direct light for pictures, but still extremely overcast. We headed out to run a couple of errands for Jon before we left for our pictures and discovered that not only was it overcast, but also very cold and there was a VERY brisk wind. VERY BRISK. So we crossed our fingers bundled up, ran the errands and prayed that the weather might get a little better by 1pm for our outdoor photo session.

Um no. I have to say that everyone was a trooper, and Amy did a fantastic job. On her website which you really should check out she suggests 1-3 hours for a session just depending. We were done and happy with the time in just 30 minutes. LOL!! I mean Boogie was starting to freeze to things, and her poor little cheeks looked like red apples. Still despite the gloomy sky, the cold temperatures and the very brisk wind (I am dying to see how the wind blown look worked for me) I think we got some good shots, and that is a testament to the artistic ability of the photographer.

So Amy in her nice torturous way sent a sneak peek of three of the shots from the day. I love them, and I think the first may be one of my favorites. Boogie really is the most photogenic person in our family with Jon a close second, I think its the eyes. Here is the link to her Facebook page if you would like to have a look.

I love this sneak peek but if they are all this good then it is going to be absolute TORTURE to wait to see the others this weekend. TORTURE!!! Still I will strive to make it to the weekend and just fill my empty nights with school work and my own pictures of Boogie. Which by the way I have for another posting. It will focus on Boogie and her love affair with her vicious Bulldog Tickle the Thickle. So have a look at the sneak peek and let me know what you think. If I can then I will post all the photos for you to look at once I get them. Obviously they are copyright so I am not sure if I can but if I can I will share.

Oh and if you like what you see and want Amy to shoot some pictures for you here is her website, she is fabulous and I highly recommend her. She will be doing Addison's Newborn photos as well, and we definitely can't wait for that. :D Enjoy!!!

Thursday, January 21, 2010


I will not ask your forgiveness I will just explain a bit and then you can think what you will, but I will make it up to you with a couple of cute pictures of boogie at the end....

I realize that I have not posted in about a month..bad bad me. However we were out of town for almost two weeks over Christmas. Yes there was a computer available, but there was also a 3 year old to chase after, Christmas Eve, Christmas, Sea World with my family, New Years Eve, New Years Day and a baby shower, so we really were busy during that time. By the time I got back to work on the 5th I was also gearing up to go back to school. So now I am working full time, going to school full time and nesting full time.

Yep nesting...with much anticipation. We only have about 4 weeks, 3 if I get my way. I am thinking that induction is the way to go for me if I don't go into labor by the 12th of February. Now I know you should wait till the baby is ready, but people my family has big babies and Boogie was just shy of 9lbs and she was a week early so even by inducing on the 12th I would still run the chance of another close to 9lb baby. Think about birthing that ladies, you half expect them to walk when they pop out. :D So I am thinking 3 weeks but we'll see what the OB says.

Back to the has produced a fairly clean house, a couple of trips to the Goodwill and lots of organization, especially in the girls room. I'll make sure to get you some pictures since it looks so freaking cute. What it has also got is an exhausted me, really really exhausted to the point that everyone was asleep last night at 9pm. Unheard of at our house. Nesting has also gotten me a few trips up and down the attics steps that creek and groan under me, and a husband that huffs and asks me to stop trying to move the crib without him. I'm a little resistant to waiting on his help from time to time by this point. :D I want it done and I want it done now! Jon has his own time table and it usually doesn't mesh with mine, especially now. Poor hubby.

So taking that all into consideration, I have totally forgotten to post on this blog. I know bad blogger, bad, not Krispy Kreme for you. So I will TRY my hardest to at least post every few days. There have been a lot of things going on since the New Year so there is lots to talk about, just have to find the time and the energy to do it. Finding a few weeks from now is going to be really really fun. :D

So in closing thanks for your patience and I promise as my only New Years resolution to be better about posting.

Just to smooth things over here are a couple of shots of Boogie from around Christmas. Enjoy!!!

This picture has a great includes Boogie and I doing push ups (33 weeks pregnant thank you) with Cookie Monster at Sea World. :D

This one is actually from Sept. and my brother's wedding but it is one of my favs. so I thought I would include it. She was over the wedding rehearsal at this point, but she sure did do a good job. :D