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Thursday, May 1, 2008

Blogging is a full contact sport

Well not really but I have figured out that blogging takes practice. The more your do it the better you get and right now I am not so good. Sooooooo blogging resolution to get on here and type more often. I can fit it into my schedule, somewhere. :D

Lots of developments in life at the moment, and not enough time to ponder them all. Soooo to go ahead and break my resolution I will have to blog about it later. I'll give you an outline though.
I. Husband lost job so we have gone from 120,000 a year to 41500 for the time being, things are tight at the moment.
II. Performance week for me which means I get up at 5:30am go to work and get home at 11pm.
III. Homework is stacking up from school because of performance week, and midterms are next week
IV. Trying to find time to get ready for Berlin in 10 days. This means more then packing as I will be out of the country and leaving my husband with Charlotte. :D

Soooo when I find a little time I will go into more detail. In the mean time use your imaginations to think what daddy and 18 month old Charlotte will be up to while mommy is out of the country for 7 days. I may be horrified.