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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Thank for the rain....

 I am almost positive that my garden says this every single day.  We have been so lucky to have recently received a few days of nice soaking rains and boy does it show in my garden.

 Our tomatoes are getting huge and each plant has 8 or so bloom on it with 2 or 3 small tomatoes each.

 The strawberries are growing bigger and more prolific every day.

 The big garden is getting more and more beautiful by the day (please ignore the onion row, it needs some serious attention).

 The Kentucky Pole beans are amazing to watch, Jon and I both are simply amazed at how fast they  grow.  I can't wait until we are eating fresh snap beans.

 The lettuce and carrots are nice and healthy.

 Our bean tee pee gets better and better every day, although next year I think we'll put the Kentucky Pole beans here instead of the pink eye purple hulls.  The girls still love it though.

 The view of the garden most commonly seen by Addison. :D

 Our first squash blossom of the year, it is a little squash now.

 One of our 12 watermelon plants.  My girls love, love, love their watermelon, so between out 12 plants and the neighbors twelve plants we  should have them covered for the season.  Their like me though, they can't wait to harvest out of the garden and I catch them at the back window silently pleading for all the fresh goodness to grow faster.

Speaking of growing fast, this little one is just shooting up like a bean.  Today my little sweet pea is 1 year old.  Boy how the time has flown.


Carrie said...

Beth! Sweet Pea is a doll :) I love all that pretty hair. Happy Birthday!

Beth said...

Thanks Carrie. Jon and I just laugh and say we have a joke in the making, a blonde a brunette and a red head... Genetics sure are interesting.

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